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Destination: Morocco

While it is impossible to truly capture the essence of Morocco, we want to bring a little of the sensory experience to you through color, scent and texture. Marrakesh is one of our favorite places in the world - there is so much to see there, the inspiration never ends. The local artisans that handmake all our hats, bags, glass and ceramics have become dear friends over the years.  Their craftmanship is second to none. We hope you enjoy this beautiful collection, most of which is entirely handmade using traditional Moroccan techniques and locally sourced materials.  

"We have met so many incredible Moroccan artisans that are keeping their local craft traditions alive – we have to tell their story"


Morocco at Home

Bring the scents and colors of Morocco into your home. From soothing salt soaks to scented candles in handblown glassware, every scent will bring you a little closer to the winding streets of the Souk.


Beldi Glass Candles

Sustainably-made with recycled materials and filled with our hand-poured candles, this collaboration celebrates the beauty in the handmade.

The Medina Market Collection

Handmade with locally sourced straw and using traditional techniques, meet the collection created by our partners in Morocco’s Essaouira.