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5 must haves for any Long-haul Flight

In the past 12 weeks, Melanie and I have traveled to Las Vegas (twice) Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia, Nashville, California, Germany, Morocco and Hawaii.  To say that we are seasoned travelers is an understatement. 

 marrakech riad

The doors of Marrakech riad L'Orangeraie


As much as we would like to consider ourselves traveling pros, we still dread long flights and have to get ourselves mentally ready for them.  We travel coach, like most of you reading this.  We know how claustrophobic and uncomfortable it can be.  We’ve sat next to the hacking sick person.  We’ve sat in front of the kicking toddler.  We’ve experienced wind chill factors in the negatives that even our travel wrap couldn’t protect us from.   


Lima, Peru

Rare find on a walk in Lima, Peru


For us, being prepared makes the flight so much more enjoyable.  It doesn’t take much to make us happy, but here are a few of our favorite must-haves. We couldn’t survive without them…


Melanie and Lina’s in-flight must-haves:



There is no telling what the airlines are going to serve you, so we are always prepared to feed ourselves in case of an emergency.   This is more a confession than a recommendation, just sayin’. 


Lina’s go to snacks:  York Peppermint Patties, Swedish Fish, and a Kind Granola Bar (mostly to make me feel better about the first two choices)

Mel’s go to snacks:  Freeze dried bananas, Starbucks egg bites and a yogurt parfait (which, I actually have never seen her eat.  The yogurt usually travels with us until it ends up in the hotel fridge, curdled)


2. MAGAZINES (of questionable taste)

If there is ever a time to indulge in nonsense, this is it.


Lina’s go to magazines:  Ok!  People and, (if I’m feeling open to learning) Scientific America **

Mel’s go to magazines:  Fast Company, Vanity Fair and Veranda


**WARNING:  on my most recent trip to Hawaii I picked up a Cosmopolitan. I don’t think I have read a Como in 25 years and was completely unprepared for all of the soft porn graphics that I had to manage on the flight.   Remember, your neighbors might be looking over your shoulders.



I always make sure that my podcasts are downloaded onto my phone so I don’t have to pay for wifi (which never really work anyway)


Lina’s picks:  Oprah’s Super Soul and any horrific crime pod cast like Dr. Death, Serial, Happy Face or Monster

Mel’s picks:  Always music by women singers I have not heard of



I honestly think my most brilliant ideas come to me when I’m sitting on a plane.  We like to capture them the old-fashioned way…


In Lina’s bag:  Mini hard cover Moleskin and no pen.  Ever.  Must borrow from Mel.

In Mel’s bag:  Appointed notebook in grey and ALWAYS a Blackwing pencil



Of course.  Can’t travel without one.


Lina’s go to:  Classic travel wrap in sea salt or Charleston cotton cashmere wrap in whisper

Mel’s go to:  Grey cashmere duster or navy reversible wrap


They say, if you want to get to know a person, travel with them.  Now you know a little more about us.  What can’t you travel without?


xoxo Lina

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