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Introducing our new Luxe Collection

What is Luxury? It's such an interesting question. Luxury can mean different things to different people.


For me, luxury is a quiet bath when my house is empty and I have my thoughts all to myself! For my boys, it would likely be eating out at their favorite restaurant and gorging themselves on multiple appetizers before their meal comes.


Whether it's a decadent meal, hand-crafted leather bag, or a nice hot bath...what they all have in common is a feeling.


Luxe Quartz Boxed Candle in Amber Fumée 


Luxury is, ultimately, a sensory experience.


So, when Melanie and I began conceptualizing a new Luxe line a year ago, we knew that it had to awaken the senses.


How do you do that?


It's tricky. One of the founding tenants of Mer-Sea is simplicity. We believe the epitome of luxury is thoughtful, deliberate simplicity. When you exercise restraint, every element matters.


 Luxe Cowhair Candle in Aquilaria and Luxe Belt Bag in Gold


It wasn't about just adding extraneous details, it was about curating the elements we wanted to focus on, and making sure those details were executed brilliantly.


For us, exploring the unusual and thinking outside of the box is a luxury in and of itself. It's what gives us joy: the creativity of taking unrelated things and putting them together in such a way that it makes someone stop, look and wonder.


 Luxe Cowhair Candle in Aquilaria


And so, here we are, introducing our new Luxe Collection - the culmination of our personal exploration in what luxury means to us:


It's finding natural elements like quartz stone and paired with our signature candle.

It's exploring new packaging ideas and introducing a box that opens like the timeless envelope.

It's coupling ceramic with beautiful cow-hair handles that feel more like a piece of art than a candle.

It's introducing splashes of metallic.

It's curating scents that are rich, full bodied, and everlasting.

It's paying attention to little details that turn something ordinary into extraordinary.


Come explore the collection with us!


xo, Lina


Luxe Quartz Boxed Candle in Mystique

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