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July is almost over and the heat is just turning up!  Here in the Midwest (yes, I married a man from Missouri. What can I say?), we're dealing with the upper 90s and it's sticky with humidity. I am heading to my home state of California for a little vacation and here are a few things I never travel without. 

Vitamin E Misting Oil:  Yes, it really is that good for you.  As summer moves along we continue to worry about the dangers of sun, so we are constantly stepping up our beauty routine to add in “the good.”   I touched on the health benefits of Sea Kelp on the blog, and our misting oil is FULL of sea minerals and natural oils to help your skin recover from the elements.  

Beach Blanket: 
Our new beach blankets are made for a day in the sun. Fill the corner pockets with a bit of sand to anchor them down, and get ready to share because they're huge! Best of all, they come in a darling handle bag. While I'm on the topic, don't forget about our light and breezy linen wrap, too.

Coconut & Sea Water Spray:
 Hydration is key in the hot weather. Aside from the delicious and beautiful Rosewater from the Unbakery in Kansas City, I cannot get enough of our own version of a spritzer - Coconut & Seawater Hydrating Mist. The last beach vacation we took, my kids constantly begged me for a "squirt" to cool down. I expect I'll be very popular in the hot lines at Universal Studios.

 Nothing says “I’ve seen 100 summers”  like wrinkly hands. My own hands already need a chemical peel from years of being a lifeguard. Our new hand creams are the perfect addition to any swim tote.  Don't forget to put SPF on your hands when you apply it to your face!

Travel Candle:
  We are staying in a VRBO.  I never assume I'm going to like the scent of a rental, so I like to bring a travel candle or room spray.  I think this summer rental is going to smell like Splendide. There is nothing like the scent of fresh grapefruit and orange - so California. Select your signature summer scent here.

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