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Cabana Flower

Mint | Salt flower | Ylang ylang

Light and lovely—like a fresh bouquet—this enchanting fragrance invites you
to bask in the warmth of the sun and the alluring embrace of coastal blooms.
Cool mint evokes a refreshing seaside breeze and subtle sweetness of salt flower
transports you to the edge of the ocean. Anchored by exotic ylang-ylang, lending a
touch of tropical sophistication.

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Summer in Provence

Lavender | Vanilla | Musk

Prepare to be transported to the sun-kissed fields of the French countryside,
where the light lasts forever and the calming scent of lavender fills the air. Paired
with warm vanilla and sensuous musk, this herbaceous yet sweet scent evokes the
beauty and serenity of idyllic summers spent in the heart of Provence.

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We believe in astrology and tend to shoot for the stars, so what better way to honor our celestial lives than to create scents that will help us tap into our truest selves? We’ve created four scents, each inspired by the elements of the signs—earth, water, air, and fire. Our earth signs seek a balanced scent that elicits calm with notes of pine, while our fire signs are bursting with aroma to keep the energy up. The water signs scent inspires an ebb and flow of comfort with a mixture of musk and sea salt, and the air signs scent is clean and light with eucalyptus. This magical gift will transform spaces and energy for the person you want to celebrate.

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Coconut Sugar

coconut / amber / vanilla

Life should be simple, like a day at the beach. The light scent of coconut on salt-speckled skin—this warm, sensual scent will put you in the mood for summer.

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Sweet Wood / bamboo / citrus / jasmine

The healing power of rich salt air restoring the soul. Drawing from the elements of life outdoors, this mineral scent celebrates the alluring rhythm of the sea.

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pepper / citrus / moss

Life on the high seas with an endless horizon and deep blue waters. Strong aquatic notes with a pepper punch—for those with an adventurous spirit, this scent is sailor fresh.

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Sea Change

sea salt / white tea / driftwood

Crisp, aquatic notes smell of a fresh start, washed in waves of sea salt and cool ocean air. Every product purchased provides two years of clean water for one person.

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Summer Day


Refreshing and nostalgic, this scent represents the perfect summer day—warm sun, light breeze, sweet fresh cut grass. Complemented by a hint of citrus alongside light florals and ginger.


Sun Kissed

cardamom / juniper / cedar

A little sun, a little surf—this spirited scent is inspired by orange groves that grow along the shore all year long.

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lemon / sandalwood / lily / jasmine

A celebration of the joys spring and summer bring to us. With a fresh twist on citrus, we take lemon and orange and pair them with lily, jasmine, sandalwood and musk. C'est OUI!

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