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Travel Clothes for the Modern Adventurer

We believe that clothes should be crafted for years of use and designed to be classics that are always in style. Our ethos is about being comfortable in what you’re wearing, because when you’re comfortable, you’re confident. Our new Voyageur Collection was created for the ever-curious who, like us, never want to stop exploring the world.

female wearing midi green dress with purple floral print laying on a bench reading a book
"La Dolce Vita”—the sweet life—in Italian, is more than an expression. It’s an attitude."
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  • Fisherman Cardigan


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  • Mariner Polo Sweater


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  • Palermo Smocked Dress


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  • Palermo Embroidered Maxi Dress


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  • Milos Sandal


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Inspired by the iconic hillside villages of the Amalfi Coast, our cheery prints say 'hello summer!'

two females standing by a car wearing a pink floral print dress and a blue and red striped set


On Location

Amalfi Coast, Italy

When in Italy, we did as the Italians do. We indulged in gatherings, making pastas, drinking wine and soaking up the beautiful sunshine. The spirit and hospitality of Italians is legendary and once you have experienced it, you’ll want to go back for more. For our maiden voyage into clothing, we could not have picked a more perfect place for inspiration.

boat driving on the ocean with rocky hills off in the distance