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"Sea" Change

As all of you know, my business partner, Melanie, and I moved to Kansas City because of our husbands' jobs.  I moved here about 20 years ago from Northern California, and she moved here about 12 years ago from Southern California.  We both found ourselves landlocked and longing for the sounds of water. 


Yes, we are both water lovers. 


Melanie and I filling our Coconut and Sea Water face misting spray Melanie and I filling our Coconut and Sea Water Facial Misting Spray


Which, of course, is the foundation of Mer-Sea.  Water.  Travel.  Escape.


When we finally grew the business to the point where we could give back, it made sense that it had to be about water.  We studied dozens of worthy, amazing organizations that ranged from cleaning plastic from the ocean to helping endangered marine wildlife.



Ultimately, our research brought us right back to Kansas City.  The perfect partnership was right down the road…  They are changing the world right from our very own Midwest town. 


Clean water isn’t a new cause.  In fact, I thought the clean water initiative might be, like polio,  just about tackled.  Haven’t we been working on this for decades?  How wrong I was. 



One in 3 people still lack access to a toilet.  One in 10 people still do not have access to safe water.  Every 90 seconds a child dies from a water-related disease. 


And, it shouldn’t surprise you that the people most affected by a lack of clean water are women and children.  They spend up to 6 hours a day collecting water.  Which means no school for kids and no income producing work for moms. 



Founded by Matt Damon and Gary White, is an international nonprofit organization that has positively transformed millions of lives around the world through access to safe water and sanitation. 


Our partnership begins with a candle, appropriately named “Sea Change.”  Its aquatic scent will fill your home, and every time you smell it, you can think of someone that now has access to water because of you.


ALL PROFITS from the sale of our “Sea Change” candle go directly to  Let’s see how much we can donate together!


xo, Lina


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