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Summer Kickoff

If you are like us, you spend all year waiting for evenings when the sun sets no earlier than 8:00 p.m. and days are spent by the ocean or lake or pool (or so we wish). It’s finally here: summer. Time to step outside the office or the house, get your fill of vitamin D and embrace the heat. In the brightest days of the year, the last things we need are cluttered thoughts to distract us from the sunshine. Here are three things you can do every day to cleanse and nourish your sea-loving soul.

        1. UN-everything.

      Take 10 minutes to unsubscribe from unwanted emails. When the little number on our mail app climbs, so does our stress –– don’t let them rule your inbox, nevermind your energy. Same goes for social media –– unfollow! We spend so much time watching other people’s lives, why clog your feed with people and posts you don’t feel good about? Ask yourself if their posts are positive contributions to your day so you can breathe easier and look forward to scroll time.

            2. Make your own sunshine.

        Think about what you talk about... People? Places? Dreams? Ideas? It’s not always easy to avoid the gossip, but for mental health, it’s best to get away from it. Rather than talking more, talk better. Flip people into dreams and problems into ideas –– you would be surprised by how energizing positivity can be. When we elicit positive rays, we often reap the same.

              3. Change your To-Do’s to ‘Tah-Dah’s’

          Sounds hard to do, right? Instead of taking the ‘to-do’ approach, take the accomplishment route so that you want to get things done. No one wants to unload that dishwasher but you want clean plates to enjoy dinner with your family.  Mowing that big lawn sounds daunting but it’s great exercise and you want to sit back with friends and enjoy the patio with a scent only you can create - fresh cut grass! That’s 3 great benefits from one task. ‘Tah Dah!’

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