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Busy Girl's Guide to Packing

Traveling, while one of life’s greatest gifts, can also be hectic. We want to pack it all but we also want to buy it all there and bring it all home. What’s worse is when you have finally yanked the zipper closed and you turn around to find the last sweater you swore you wouldn’t forget to pack.

Our philosophy: pack smarter not harder.

We are off to Atlanta and then on to Miami hitting a mix of business and beach so, how do we pack light so our travels go smoothly (or usually at least)? Here are tips we’ve learned over our five years of packing, traveling, styling and working.


1. Roll don’t fold.

The trick to making more space out of the space you have is making what you have smaller… that makes sense right? Rolled clothes end up with less wrinkles and leave extra pockets to wiggle your hairbrush in last minute, it’s a win-win.

2. Color system.

Outfitting can be strenuous, especially when you don’t have time and you need to look good. Your decisions on packing day define your looks for the next four, this is crucial work. Instead of the day-by-day outfit planning, we use a color system. Maybe your theme for this trip is a mix of whites, nudes and blues (our personal favorite). Pack versatile pieces that you can mix and match so you feel as fresh and authentic as your outfit is.

3. Finally, your wrap.

Although we may be biased, we feel the benefits of it just as much as our customers. It saves you from a chilly evening, makes for a comfortable companion on the plane or at an event. Dress it up, dress it down, pack it, wrap it. Take it from us, it doesn’t matter if it’s a meeting or a dinner by the water, being chilly without this go-to is unbearable.

We always try to live by our motto - travel well, travel often, travel light. Happy travels to you!

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