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New year, better us! Guide to self-care for self-improvement.

Ahh, the refreshing start of a new year. But really, how new is everything this 2019 so far? All the rage on social media is “new year, new you.” But us Mer Sea women have come to find that “new” wouldn’t be as good as “improved.” The women and company we are now and how far we have come is just as important as who we strive to be and where we are going. Forget new you–let’s get down to the real promises we should be making ourselves this year: more time for self-care for self-improvement! We spend our days busy at the office creating self-care products for comfort and cleansing and even we can admit we don’t take enough time to practice both. Here are some steps you can take to change “new year, new you,” to “merci 2018, Bonjour 2019.”


1.  The bathtub. Is there a better place to relax and recharge? Steamy hot water and our new Sirène Salt Soak combined make for immediate stress relief. An aroma is a powerful tool in the world of relaxation and it’s even better when your skin is soaked in the freshness. Snuggled up in bed sounds much better with soft skin and the crisp smell of Sun Kissed tucking you into sleep before an energized tomorrow.


2.  Meditate. We know the feeling of needing to be re-inspired, but it’s equally important to clear the mind. Even if all you have to spare is ten minutes, take that time to wrap up in your classic travel wrap and light your favorite Luxe candle. Meditation can be as simple as closing your eyes and focusing on the moment you are in. Six deep breaths are proven to slow heart rate and calm any nerves from angst—we need that and you do too. Quiet, calm, and focused. Elle makes for a refreshing inhale for that much needed exhale.


3.  Make it an appointment. One of the best parts about self-care is the luxury of staying at home to use scents you love and products you know all about, but don’t let that be the reason you make excuses not to make time for self-care. The Bohème Sea Salt Balm Scrub is full of healthy oils, Aloe Vera and sea salt–perfect for massaging key pressure points and softening stress knots in your feet and hands. Focus on the center of your hands near the base of the thumb to calm nerves in your stomach and the edge of the foot near the pinky toe to aid in shoulder relief. We know how easy it can be to let your stress become powerful over your mind and body—don’t let it!


Bonjour 2019, you look like a dream already. 


 Take care of yourself with our self-care essentials.


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