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Oh, the Places You'll (Want to) Go!

All year round we long to smell the salty sea air and hear the distinct roar of the ocean as it crashes into the shore. We daydream about digging our toes in the sand and swimming in unbelievably clear blue water.


And finally, the perfect time to satisfy our adventure-seeking souls has arrived! There’s no better time than summer to grab a suitcase and head to the nearest beach.


But, with over 372,000 miles of coastline in the world, there are a few destinations besides our nearest beach that we’d like to explore. Whether it’s the Bahamas, Greece, Seychelles or anywhere in between, the world is home to a countless number of awe-inspiring beaches waiting to be visited.


If you’re still looking for summer travel plans or you simply want some places to add to your beach bucket list, the following 10 beaches are guaranteed to draw your attention.



Hidden Beach, Islas Marietas, Mexico

This beach is unlike any other. Just an hour outside of Puerto Vallarta by boat, Hidden Beach sits tucked away inside a cave. Once you arrive at the cave, you must either swim or kayak through a tunnel to reach the beach. A circular opening above the sandy shore within allows sunlight to shine in from overhead.



Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Whitehaven Beach is one of Queensland’s most remote locations, accessible only by helicopter or seaplane. This Instagram-worthy beach is surrounded by vibrant turquoise, green-blue waters and home to some of the whitest sand on Earth. And, because of its unique silica composition, the sand doesn’t retain heat - so you can walk for miles along the shore during the hottest parts of the day.



Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue, Republic of Seychelles

Does this beach look familiar? Anse Source d’Argent has been in multiple films, ads and tv shows over the years for its luxurious and breathtaking appearance. Crystal clear water washes up on this beach’s pristine shore littered only with palm trees and gigantic boulders. Various kinds of fish and even the occasional sea turtle are easy for visitors to spot - even without a mask or snorkel!



Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand

Soaring limestone cliffs and steep jungle valleys cut off Railay Beach from the rest of mainland Krabi. To get to this gorgeous white sand beach, you need to take a boat. Lagoons are hidden inside the surrounding cliffs and there are various viewpoints of the small peninsula from caves all over. With no roads and no cars, Railay Beach is the perfect destination for a calm, soothing vacation.



Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island, Bahamas

Pale pink sand stretches for over three miles at this renowned Harbour Island destination. Due to microscopic coral insects that are mixed in with the sand, Pink Sands Beach has a visible rose hue. This pastel shoreline contrasts strongly with the shimmering turquoise water to create a dreamlike beach that is made even more beautiful come sunrise or sunset.



The Baths, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Enormous granite boulders surround and transform the sandy white beaches at The Baths into a collection of shallow pools, caves and grottos. No one knows exactly how these rock formations were created, but some scientists believe they are the result of volcanoes. Nevertheless, The Baths are the ideal place to go snorkeling, swimming or exploring. And, they’re the perfect place for a photoshoot too!



Navagio, Zakynthos Island, Greece

You must travel to Navagio Beach by sea, but this hidden gem located in the Mediterranean Sea is well worth the journey. Once there, you’ll find the shipwrecked Freightliner MV Panagiotis, the vessel responsible for the nickname “Shipwreck Beach”. Large formations of white sand and stone tower over the beach and vivid blue waters cascade towards the shore. The natural beauty of this small island is unparalleled.



Ora Beach, Maluku, Indonesia

Ora Beach, located in Maluku, is often overshadowed by its more popular neighbor, Bali. But, because this beach is settled in a small village away from all of the large crowds, you’ll be able to enjoy its natural beauty undisturbed. From the crystal clear emerald waters and numerous coral reefs to the spectacular views of surrounding jungle islands, Ora Beach is not to be missed.



Praia da Marinha, Lagoa, Portugal

Nestled between golden orange cliffs, this beach looks like it’s straight from a postcard. And, thanks to a rather steep set of stairs to the shore, this beach isn’t heavily populated despite not being in the most remote location. Once there, visitors can swim through Praia da Marinha’s famous twin arches in the calm, turquoise waters or set sail to go explore the surrounding grottos and caves.



Durdle Door Cove, Dorset, England

Durdle Door is a massive limestone arch located just off the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, England. Formed naturally through erosion, this arch provides protection for the shoreline, creating the perfect secluded cove. The stunning beauty of this beach and arch has made it a popular destination - millions of people travel to see it each year.

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