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The Organized Voyager

The Mer Sea & Co. HQ is perfectly organized. Our In-Boxes are empty, Melanie's desk is freshly dusted, and Lina's newly-picked flowers from her manicured garden abound! And then we wake up....with our noses to the grindstone and holiday deadlines approaching, it's difficult to think tidy!

A perfectly packed suitcase also might be a dream to some. Just imagine—you arrive at the airport looking chic, with only your carry-on trailing you. Your bag carries unwrinkled clothes that were selected a week in advance. Once you arrive and unpack, all of your planned outfits work seamlessly. Your travel wardrobe is magical --but the bottom line is----you're organized. It might just be that easy!

One woman who we imagined has it all together--for travel and work (and, of course, we were right), is Natalie O’Shaughnessy, owner of O'Home in The Crestwood Shops in Kansas City. Her beautifully-curated store is brimming with all things fabulous. Everything is so throughly planned out and beautifully and creatively organized. We wanted to be in her space and just absorb what it feels like to be keeping it all together. We also wanted to ask her a few questions about her travel favorites.

MS: What is something you’ve discovered while traveling?
NO: I love to discover fabulous restaurants when I am out of town for work or vacation. I love good food and I’m not sure there is anything better than enjoying a good meal and a nice glass of wine after a long day at Market or sightseeing with my family.

MS: Where is your favorite beach? What about it do you love?
NO: Rosemary Beach, Florida. The architecture is beautiful and it is a wonderful family destination!

MS: When traveling, what do you consider an extravagance in the suitcase?
NO: Extra handbags!!! Every girls needs the right bag for every outfit!

MS: What is your #1 tip for packing and organization of the suitcase?
NO: I like to carefully roll all of my clothes so they don’t wrinkle. They work beautifully upon arrival.

MS: Do you have any travel product recommendations?
NO: A Mer-Sea Travel Wrap because I am always cold on planes and in airports. I don’t leave without one.

MS: What is your favorite thing at home?
NO: My family

MS: What is your favorite scent?
NO: Mer-Sea’s Summer Day

MS: Merci Natalie! We cannot wait to come back to O'Home.

O'Home is located at 311 East 55th Street, in Kansas City, Missouri. Find out more at

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